Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Character Elaboration

A fine early evening to everyone:

After last weeks reading it's come to my attention that I should maybe elaborate on the characters a little bit more, so with that here's a description of each character beyond some of the small prefaces I wrote into the script:

Steve Allen:
A strong personality willing to go to any lengths to place a product. Strong, charismatic, eager, and very typical to early 1950's culture. Open to necessary killing and not about to be eaten by a hoard of zombies.

Production assistant to the Steve Allen show and an acquaintance of Allen. Comfortable making small talk with him and shooting the shit but still troubled by the idea of the zombie Apocalypse. Easily frightened by the idea of a zombie banging on his front door.

Radio News Announcer:
Very professional when on the air but desperate for coverage. The complete opposite when off the air and willing to bash intern.

An intern to radio station. Young, frightened, nervous, and completely unable to report the news. Most importantly unable to properly handle a weapon.

Angry Man:
A well armed, possibly southern, reconstructionist white male.

Angry Woman:
Consort to the Angry Man. Equally as angry and reconstructionist and would follow her partner off a cliff if need be.

James Watson:
Charming, witty, and one of the fathers of modern genetics. Has encountered a series of problems in his attempt to isolate, and analyze the structure of Deoxyriboneuclaic Acid. Friend and long time compatriot to Francis Crick. No animosity in that relationship, only a strong desire to mutually discover the key to the DNA structure. Tickled but still pissed at the fact that there's an angry mob outside of his lab.

Francis Crick:
Worried and worn thin by the zombie uprising yet still capable of coherent experimentation. Second half of Watson and willing to go to the ends of the earth for his friend and lab partner. Slightly more frightened by the zombies.

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